What we do

Joint problems

Chiropractors are trained in non surgical treatment of orthopaedic problems. Joint pain can often be reduced with the help of chiropractic care.. 

Tennis or Golfer's elbow

Tennis elbow never seems to improve and can have a bad effect on anyone's life. Chiropractic is recognised as highly effective for chronic elbow problems.

Low back pain

When joints are not moving as they should, the body will compensate leading to other joints and muscles over-worked and painful. Chiropractic finds areas that are causing the problems and re educates the body to learn new movement patterns.

Headache and migraine

Research has shown that 70% of headaches including migraine are caused by neck problems.

Chiropractors are trained to find the true cause of your pain.

Neck pain and whiplash

Many people accept neck pain as part of everyday life - putting it down to stress or posture. Such problems can be deep seated but are treatable by chiropractic.  


This is a condition where compression of the sciatic nerve is causing pain into a leg. 

Chiropractors can properly diagnose a compressed nerve and refer as necessary for medical care. 

Mid back and rib pain

You feel like you need to straighten up but can't get comfortable. You might also have pains into one or both arms.

Chiropractic can relax painful areas and help you to avoid repeating the problem in future

Pregnancy pelvic girdle 

The changes that take place during pregnancy are perfectly normal but can lead to pain around the pelvic girdle. Chiropractic is well placed to resolve the issues leading to a more comfortable pregnancy and maybe an easier birth.

Frozen shoulder

This is where the shoulder joint becomes progressively more painful and less mobile (frozen). Chiropractors can help reduce the time taken to recover and along the way improve the workings of other shoulder areas to assist with pain and mobility.