Neck and shoulder pain

Chronic neck pain (long lasting) is uncomfortable and often inhibits movement of the head. It can also lead to pains into the shoulders and arms. We often accept the problems as getting older or just "how we are". However, simply "putting up with it" is not the only option. 

Chiropractic is extremely effective for neck pain.

Margaret, said; "Ive had neck and back pain for years yet David's adjustments have made such a difference to my life.”

David can help you    

David uses a wide range of techniques to relieve tension, loosen up muscles, and encourage spinal joints to move better. All without drugs or surgery. Long-term issues can take time to improve but his goal is to get you moving better and feeling better as quickly as possible,

When we are well, we can have 1000 dreams. When we are sick, there is just the one dream.

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