Low back pain

Spine specialist

Do you have back pain that keeps you awake at night? Leg or buttock pain that never really stops? Muscle spasms that leave you feeling helpless? Pain that prevents you working? Pain that has put your life on hold?

David can help.

Fran, said; "I felt like my life had stopped". "With David’s help I am pain free and getting on with my life in ways I never thought possible!"

Chiropractic can help you too. Without drugs or surgery.

David will carry out an in-depth consultation about your problem, your health and well-being. This involves a neuromuscular and chiropractic analysis that looks at your spine, your posture and other areas as necessary to pinpoint where the problem lies. He can also order Xrays or scans if they are needed.

His goal, is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. Then together, we progress to keeping you well and avoid the old habits that contributed to your original problems.

When we are well, we can have 1000 dreams. When we are sick, there is just the one dream.

Arrange a consultation today for just £20 and start your journey towards a pain-free and healthier life.

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