Frozen shoulder

Shoulder problems

Frozen shoulder is an inflammatory condition where the fibrous capsule around the join becomes inflamed, restricted and painful. Untreated, it can take 18 months or more from start to end (6 months for each of Freezing, Frozen, Thawing.

The shoulder becomes ever more painful with ever more restricted range of motion. Like most things it is best caught and treated as soon as possible.


However, this is a condition that gets over-diagnosed so you might not actually have a frozen shoulder.

Either way, David can help.

Chiropractic helps by improving muscle strength around the shoulder and gradually improving the joint range of motion. Caught early, the deterioration can be slowed and sometimes stopped.

David has helped many cases of arm pain, and upper limb problems. If ignored over a period of time, arm pain can develop into a long term condition.

David can help 

Long-term issues such as frozen shoulder can take time to improve but David's goal is to get you moving better and feeling better as quickly as possible,


When we are well, we can have 1000 dreams. When we are sick, there is just the one dream.

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