Pregnancy: back pain and pelvic pain


This happiest of times is not always as comfortable or smooth running as we are led to believe. Many women suffer with pelvic pain and low back pain which can make life miserable. 

The hormone relaxin is released during pregnancy to soften ligaments in readiness for the birth. Sometimes this can lead to pain in the pelvic girdle; though in reality, any joint can be affected. Later in the pregnancy, the growing bump can lead to back pain.

David conducts a thorough examination to find the underlying cause and uses gentle but powerful techniques to balance out the motion of these all-important joints.  The McTimoney methods are especially suitable for pregnancy and small children. 

When the baby arrives he can help you recover and settle into your new life. Why not ask him to check out your baby?

David can help    

When we are well, we can have 1000 dreams. When we are ill, there is just the one dream.

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