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Chiropractic is a primary contact health care profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the human body with emphasis on the role of the neuromusculoskeletal system, its specific conditions and their effects on general health.


UK chiropractors train for 5 years to obtain a Masters degree and must be registered with the General Chiropractic Council. 


Chiropractors use manual techniques, including joint adjustments and muscle therapies, with a particular focus on the spine and pelvis and how they affect the nervous system.

Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery, but are well placed to refer to the medical professions when more invasive help is needed.


In North America, chiropractic is the third largest healthcare profession, behind medicine and dentistry. It is the largest complementary alternative medical (CAM) profession. 

In UK there are more than 3000 practicing chiropractors registered with the General Chiropractic Council.


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What is chiropractic?

Case studies


I was suffering really severe low back pain, so bad that I was forced to use an electric buggy. I even struggled to clime the two steps into the office. 

I have rheumatoid arthritis which is in remission.  David explained that he had to be especially careful with me as my arthritis could be aggravated. He advised me to be careful after treatment and to walk if possible.


I want home on the buggy but that very week I could walk up a hill near my family home. Something that I had not done for years.


The pain was beginning to return on my next visit but over time I have improved. I now have maintenance visits every month or so.


My electric buggy has not been used for so long that the battery has failed. I really do not need it any more.

Chiropractic has given me my life back.


I am a retired nurse with military hospital experience..


I came to see David with a very painful neck and pain in my leg that I had been told was sciatica. I feel both were due to old injuries during my nursing career. I was feeling depressed at being unable to walk my dog and I had not visited the Dartmoor (which I love) for many months.


After my first visit my neck was much improved. My back took longer but after each treatment I felt better. David found that my back and leg pain was caused by my pelvis, I actually did not have sciatic nerve problems.


After the initial intensive period I have found that adjustments every month really work for me.


Before long my pain had improved remarkably. I was able to walk the dog and soon enough I was out on Dartmoor the amazing place where I feel really alive.


I used to be scared of the an odd slip or trip used. Now I take them in my stride.


I am a professional equine event rider (show jumping, dressage).

I cover many miles in the horse transporter travelling to events and of course working with the horses.

With the training, travel, competing and the inevitable falls, my sport works me very hard. My mid back had been affecting my performance and pelvic alignment was an issue.

Regular treatments with David have really improved my posture, spinal mobility and recovery rate allowing me to ride more smoothly and efficiently. David also helps me after a hard week of competition.